About Us

Houseboats Plus set sail in 2001 and has been thriving ever since!

Although we have always sold houseboat supplies and/or boating supplies, we have now opened our own Boating Supply Store for your convenience!

We are updating our site on a regular basis and ask that you check back regularly for products you may wish to find and/or email us at marie@houseboatsplus.com to ask if we have your items currently in stock or when we can find them for you.  No product is out of our reach!

Our efforts are to provide you with the best products at the most reasonable prices.  We are located in the heart of the houseboat capital of the world and have access to many products others cannot even touch!  Ask and we shall do our best to make sure it is received by you as quickly as possible.

Also, please feel free to visit www.HouseboatsPlus.com to view our houseboats for sale, rental, etc.  See below for a list of services, benefits, etc. offered by HouseBoats Plus.

Maximum Internet Coverage:

Having Memberships With Yachtworld.com, Boats.com and Boattrader.com

as well as our state of the art site HouseboatsPlus.com, you are assured the maximum potential internet sales coverage possible today and every day.

Wait! - need to move your houseboat or any boat? We have a sister company, Lake Cumberland Boat Movers at HouseboatMoving.com

We have the ability to cover every boating need and/or requirement you may have now or in the future!

Contact us now so we can get started in:
- finding you the right houseboat at the right price;
- listing your houseboat or cruiser;
- financing your houseboat;
- insuring your houseboat;
- moving your houseboat or cruiser;
- purchasing boating supplies.

You will be greeted with professional people providing you with excellent service before, during and after a sale!